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8 Clever ways to repurpose wedding photos

When was the last time you looked in the closet? You know, the place you store photos and treasures of years gone by?

They’re valuable, no doubt, but it’s not always clear what on earth you’re supposed to do with them, particularly once your status as a newlywed fades into that of an old, happy married couple.

Since closet space is a huge asset, though, you can free up some room by re-purposing your photos into home decor — and more — with these clever ideas.

1. Bookend your marriage


Photo Credit: Coffee, Light & Sweet

Follow these instructions to transfer your wedding portrait onto metal for a vintage look. Even better? Make a pair of metal bookends for highly-useful home decor.

2. Create a blingy masterpiece


Photo Credit: How About Orange

Paper jewelry and origami is all the rage these days, and you can certainly make wedding photos your medium. For instance, rock the origami trend by folding a few of your extra photos into this beautiful design to hold close to your heart.

3. Line your shelves

Line your shelves

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Make a collage of your favorite photos, and use the collage to line a few bookshelves. You can make the design as abstract or crisp as you want. It lends a lovely vintage feel to a drab, old shelving system.

4. Make a memory box

memory box

Photo Credit: Creative Social Worker

If you want to preserve memories for your children or yourself, pick 20 photos for a memory box. Once the photos are squirreled away in one small box, they’ll lose a lot of power over your closet space. Not only that, curating your favorite pictures can make them more meaningful.

5. Borrow a frame

Borrow a frame

Photo Credit: Twisted Sifter

What about all those beautiful picture frames, though? They certainly don’t need to be strewn all over your walls after the honeymoon. Repurpose your wedding frames into serving trays by replacing your photos with a gorgeous piece of fabric.

6. Make an abstract pillow

Make pillows

Photo Credit: Pocket Full of Whimsy

We love the idea of transferring portions of bridal portraits — like the bouquet or bride’s eyes — onto a canvas pillow for abstract decor.

7. Donate them to history buffs

Did you know that your love is fascinating to historians? Yes, history buffs love to curate stories of real American families for the sake of preservation. Send a few of your extra photos to historians like the Society of American Archivists to find out if they’d like to look at your family history.

8. Turn them vintage

On Wood

Photo Credit: Photojojo

When you transfer your photos onto wood, you will give them a vintage appeal from a time gone by. Choose one or two of your favorite, slightly abstract wedding photos to give it a try.

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