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If your boyfriend’s condom won’t stay put, this is probably why

Q: My boyfriend and I are having a serious problem. We use condoms but they keep falling off during sex. One time the condom came off inside me and we had to stop everything and fish it out. Not sexy. We want to use condoms but they really aren’t working for us. What other options do we have? Signed, Upset in Utah


t A: It sounds like your boyfriend is having an issue with condom fit, which is a much more common problem than people realize. Our research shows that almost 70 percent of men are using the wrong size condom. Contrary to popular belief, condoms are not one-size-fits-all. Condoms actually come in three size categories: smaller, medium (or standard) and larger. In fact 35 percent of men require a smaller condom than those available in your local store.

t Having said that, not all guys who have issues with condoms slipping need a small condom. It has become a pervasive problem that many men buy “Magnums” or other large condoms when they are not similarly endowed. Which compromises both safety and pleasure. A man who needs a standard condom, but buys a large condom would have the same issues with condoms slipping as a man who needs a smaller condom but uses a standard.

t If you aren’t sure what condom size your partner needs, take a look at this simple condom size chart and have him give it a try.

t Finding the right size and shape is essential for condom safety and pleasure. When the condom is loose you’re both going to be worried about it slipping around or falling off instead of enjoying sex. Once you know your partner’s size and buy accordingly, you’re well underway to a radically improved relationship (and much hotter sex) with condoms.

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