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Hidden bra camera reveals how often people stare at your boobs (VIDEO)

So why did this chick plant a camera in her bra to see how many times a day her breasts were being checked out? It’s not for the reason you might think.


It was all part of a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign put into action by the Nestle corporation. Their way of thinking is unconventional but definitely eye-catching. The video of the bra-cam in action ends with this interesting question: Your breasts get checked out by others every single day; when was the last time you checked them out yourself?

It definitely reframes the way we think about breast exams. It’s not a stern and preachy campaign, it’s playful, fun and acknowledges that our breasts are an essential part of who we are, and that they come under scrutiny daily. I can often forget that I am even attached to my boobs. This campaign is a nice reminder to stay more in touch with our bodies this month and always.

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