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World Vastectomy Day calls on 1,500 good men to get snipped

The pill. The patch. The IUD. When it comes to birth control, the responsibility mostly falls on women to keep a fun romp between the sheets from turning into an unwanted pregnancy scare. Now, a team of doctors around the world wants guys to take their part of the responsibility by signing up to get snipped on World Vasectomy Day.

Why should the burden of birth control fall only on women? It’s time to step your game up, boys… and World Vasectomy Day is the perfect time to do it.

The brains behind the global push say they want to inspire 250 doctors in 30 countries to perform 1,500 low-cost vasectomies on Nov. 7. The first push in 2013 netted 1,000 vasectomies — some even performed for free.

Kind of drastic, right? Not really: Roughly one in four pregnancies that occurs every year in the United States is unintended. It’s virtually fool-proof, too: Only 15-20 unintended pregnancies happen for every 10,000 vasectomies, according to the National Institutes for Health. Condoms only have an efficacy of 82 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

As for the pain involved? It’s minimal, according to one doctor.

“During the procedure, a small incision is made in the scrotum to access the vas deferens, the tubes leading from testes,” Christopher Saigal, M.D., MPH, professor and vice chair of UCLA Department of Urology, told SheKnows. “Both the left and right vas deferens are cut and then sealed by cauterization, so the sperm are unable to travel from the testes to the penis. The incisions are then sutured closed. Men still are able to produce semen, but without the presence of sperm.”

And with a viable male birth control option still a few years away, it’s just one more way guys can keep their late nights out from turning into midnight feedings.

Ready to make the pledge, boys? Sign up on the World Vasectomy Day website.

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