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8 Thoughts I have after reading a fat-shaming headline

Another day, another fat-shaming headline about a gorgeous star.

The tabloids have had a field day with fat-shaming lately. It’s almost as though, if you live anywhere near Beverly Hills or New York City, you can just expect to become their next victim. So, to J. Law, Adele, Katy Perry, Kim K., Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, and even Kendall Jenner for crying out loud: On behalf of all the mags that will never apologize to you, sorry.

This is what I’m actually thinking when I read a silly story meant to fat-shame you — and fat-shame me and the rest of America in the process.

1. “Stop. Please, I can’t take it.”

2. “Pssh. That girl is flawless.”

3. “But honestly, what is wrong with the world we live in?”

4. “Do they expect her to give up food?”

5. “Whatever. ‘You know I’m all about that bass!'”

6. “I mean, how curves became a bad thing, I’ll never know.”

7. “Anyway, in the great words of Aibileen…”

8. “I love her dress in this pic, though… so jealous.”

Go forth and be fabulous in your own skin.

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