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Women draw the male organ in the craziest of poses

Philadelphia-based writer Alex Millard just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for her vision: a book full of penis doodles drawn only by women. The goal of the project, she says, is to get us to look critically at the power of the penis.

Penis doodle from Alex Millard

Photo credit: Alex Millard for SheKnows

So, this is just a hilarious look at how absurd this organ looks, right? Yes, but it’s so much more than that.

Penis Pic 1

Photo credit: Alex Millard/Kickstarter

Let’s face it: Phallic images are everywhere. Those skyscrapers? Totally made by some guy with size issues. Even some of those innocent and sweet Disney flicks are full of sex jokes. It’s fun to play spot the penis reference, but in reality it’s not a laughing matter for many women. “To many of us, a penis represents something very different. In conversations so far, I’ve found that for some, it has been a weapon, for some, it is something they wish they could unsee,” Millard told SheKnows.

Her vision is to take the power out of the penis by having women — including those who identify as genderqueer, non-gender-binary and trans — draw their own versions, along with a six-word summary, as a sort of therapeutic thing.

“From every single person who has drawn a penis, I have heard, ‘wow, that was really freeing!'” she added.

Penis pic Kickstarter

Photo credit: Alex Millard/Kickstarter

And sorry dudes. As much as we know you’d like to show off just how big your member is in cartoon form, Millard’s not having it.

“I’ve had two men offer to ghost draw penises, which I have politely declined,” she joked, adding that some of those valiant Internet “nice guys” think the whole project objectifies men.

“These same men talked about how this is the only way I would get to see a penis, how undesirable I was and how women who are catcalled should take it as a compliment, which of course is incredibly objectifying,” Millard added.

Not so fun when the tables are turned, huh?

Penis pic 3

Photo credit: Alex Millard/Kickstarter

Overall, most people seem to be supportive of the idea because who wouldn’t want a book full of cartoon penises on their coffee tables? It’s the perfect conversation piece — and you know grandma will appreciate it, too.

“My mother has even submitted a penis!” she said.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m gotta go create my own penis masterpiece… and you can, too!

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