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5-minute workouts even the busiest women can do

The booty buster

If you want a toned, tight booty, you’ve got to put in work. Perform this five-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) by cycling through the following three exercises — you guessed it — as many times as possible.

15 Squat jumps (or 25 air squats)

Squat jumps

Making sure to keep your weight focused over your heels, sit back as if sitting in a chair as you swing your arms up toward your head. When you’re at the bottom of the squat, explosively leap up into the air as you swing your arms backward. Land softly, with your knees and hips slightly bent, before lowering yourself into another squat.

If you have hip or knee problems, skip the jump and simply squat down, then return to standing in a traditional air squat.

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