This tv ad makes us want to shake it like Zumba rockstars (VIDEO)

I recently went down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched video after video of beautiful women (and dudes!) perfectly shaking their perfect hips in unison during a Zumba class.

“I want to move like Shakira,” I thought to myself as I gulped down my glass of merlot. “I can totally do that.”

How hard could it really be? I perfected my jazz hands during years of dance class as a child. I also power through several difficult workouts a week. I got this.

So, I hit up a class at my gym the next day… and I lasted all of 15 minutes. I looked like a baby giraffe just learning to stand up: I just couldn’t get the movements down and once I did, they changed. I made a hasty exit to the comfort of the treadmill with a seriously bruised ego.

I’m a Zumba failure. Or, so I thought until I came across this Zumba commercial that coincides with the launch of their new mantra: “Let It Move You.” The whole point of the campaign is to show that Zumba is more about letting your body and the music move you, choreography be damned.
“Everyone’s heard of Zumba, but they’re not totally sure what it is,” William Gelner, chief creative officer for 180LA (the agency behind the new TV spot), told Creativity. “They figure it’s a class where you do some sort of Latin or forbidden dance…. The one thing we’ve found to be so true about the brand is that it becomes so much fun. It’s a blast.”

The commercial certainly demonstrates that, showing people of vary backgrounds grooving to Diplo. The spot is set to launch today, so don’t be surprised when your body involuntary breaks out into a Zumba move in your living room.

The video’s even inspired me to take up the dance-based workout again — though, I’ll probably only do it when I’m alone… at least until I perfect all my sick dance moves.

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