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Couple’s steamy workout will make you sweat all over each other

Sure, we’ve hit the gym with our partners a time or two. After all, we need someone to spot us on the bench when we’re pressing like 200 pounds (right).

But, we’ll admit we’ve never done a couples workout quite as sexy as this one.

Couples Workout

Brazilian couple Jaco and Natalia are way into fitness and their relationship. The fit pair found a totally adorable way to combine both of their loves into a workout that gets their hearts racing in more ways than one.

And their moves? Well, let’s just say they give a whole new meaning to “bodyweight exercises.”

Couples workouts

These two have insane amounts of upper and lower body strength to be able to pull this off, but the moves can definitely be modified to suit couples that are still working on their tandem workout routines.

“We are glad that our video motivated a lot of people to exercise together,” Jaco wrote on his Facebook page. “Keep motivating each other and enjoy training with your beloved ones, because fit together is fit forever.”

Couples workout

And something tells us this workout eventually leads to another cardio session… between the sheets.

Watch their whole sexy workout routine:

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