Your sex life depends on how you commute to work

Cycling to work has numerous health benefits, but a new study found that it has some additional perks that have nothing to do with spreadsheets and everything to do with in between the sheets.

A poll of 2,500 cycling commuters found that 66 percent felt that cycling to and from work improved their relationships at home. Contrary to what you might expect — bicycles are notorious for bruising your bottom bits, after all — cyclists felt like their daily ride improved all areas of their life, including their sex lives.

A major reason why bicycling could have such an effect is that 89 percent of respondents said their ride home was a way to switch off of work mode and get into home mode, while 82 percent felt less stressed. And, of course, there’s all the extra vigor that comes with exercise, as 39 percent reported more energy for sex. (Although, no word about having sex on bicycles. I’m still waiting for that study.)

While focused, calm and energetic people obviously make for better lovers, the biking bonuses extended beyond the bedroom. One-third of people answered that they got their best ideas while on the road and 15 percent felt their careers were progressing faster. This aligns with a Stanford study from earlier this year that showed that walking increased creativity by 60 percent. Plus, there was that time I came up with a brilliant parody of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” while on the treadmill. Science in action, folks.

Dame Sarah Storey, a paralympian and brand ambassador for Cycle to Work Day, emphasized this point, saying, “Daily exercise is well-known to give people a boost in energy which results in greater productivity and focus — so it makes sense that people who choose to cycle to work are rapidly climbing the career ladder because they are more active than the rest of the workforce.”

So, according to science, some time in the saddle will protect the environment, amp up our sex lives and may possibly be the answer to the recession. And the study didn’t even mention all the health benefits! Cycling strengthens your heart, improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens your muscles and has numerous lesser-known side effects — like always having a baggie of almonds stashed in various parts of your clothing as if you are possessed by a deranged squirrel. (Not judging. I love almonds.)

I think I need a new bike, stat. Maybe we can all write them off as business expenses now?

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