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Smoking pot saved my marriage

A new study from the University of Buffalo found that couples who smoke pot together are less likely to engage in domestic violence.

Researchers studied 634 couples over nine years of marriage and found that the couples who smoked together on a regular basis didn’t have as many domestic violence incidents as the other couples.

But, is there really something to that? It’s certainly a possibility. THC — the main ingredient in marijuana — is known for making smokers feel relaxed and euphoric within minutes.

It’s helped Michelle Ross’ new marriage. The neuroscientist and host of the forthcoming pro-pot podcast Love & Marijuana said her new husband Todd turned her on to cannabis and it’s only helped their relationship.

“Since using cannabis, I no longer drink, am less anxious, and since I was a bit Asperger’s, can now relate to him better than anyone I have ever been with,” Ross told SheKnows. “Couples who drink together drink to forget, while couples who smoke together do things they remember, whether it’s a hike, a music festival, a spiritual conversation or making art.”

And the orgasms? Amazing.

“We use the cannabis sex lube Foria for 15-minute orgasms,” she added. “Cannabis oil is vasoactive, which means it increases blood flow. Many sexual enhancement products are vasoactive, because increasing blood flow to the clitoris and labia (or penis) increases sexual arousal and performance. Cannabis, if it is absorbed through the skin and reaches the brain, can boost the amount of a neurotransmitter called oxytocin produced. An increase in oxytocin is associated with more intense orgasms.

It sounds like marijuana will continue to be the (welcome) third wheel in her marriage. “We have been able to handle stressful situations that would have caused any other newlywed couple to divorce.”

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