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The movie genre that causes you to eat more junk food (VIDEO)

Is what you watch at the movies affecting what you eat? If you’re a fan of action flicks, we’ve got some bad news.


Bruce Willis fans, step away from the Baby Ruth bars! A recent study just found that folks watching action movies are far more likely to eat more snacks while viewing them than if they were watching, say, a romantic comedy. Although I’ve never thought about it before, it makes sense to me that we’d gobble away during these octane adventures. All that gunfire, all those car wrecks, all that screaming: If I can’t jump into the action on screen and help, then you can be sure I’m going to anxiously eat my weight in popcorn as the plot unfolds.

Maybe sound factors into it. I’m less enthusiastic about diving into snacks when I’m watching a quiet movie — I don’t want to distract or annoy anyone. There may be something to this. Other survey participants watched the same action clip without sound and ate less than their counterparts. Whatever the reason behind it, if you’re trying to watch your weight, pack healthy snacks before going to watch Jason Statham parkour off various surfaces.

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