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New app, Eve, sells women. Literally.

Tired of hanging out at bars and being rejected by women? Catcalling on the street not working to get you a hottie? Wish you could just buy the girl of your dreams? Well, there’s an app for that.

According to a press release for Eve, the point of the new app goes a little something like this: “To have models on demand. For most men, this is the hottie Holy Grail. The bosomy Land of Canaan. The great white buffalo of gams. And now it can be yours. Introducing Eve, New York’s first ever ‘model concierge,’ now accepting members.”

The hottie Holy Grail? Who wouldn’t want to be a member?

So what exactly does the app do and how does one become a member? Kalin Moon, Eve founder and CEO, explained to The Daily Dot that a “model concierge” is just a fancy term for model staffing agency. “We provide models for any job that is non-fashion-related. We provide atmosphere models that are able to accompany clients of ours to corporate events, outings, nightclubs, restaurants.”

As for how to become a member, that part’s easy: money. The models rent (is that the right word?) for $50-$150 an hour depending on their “looks, personality and professionalism.” All in all a pretty good deal when you consider you’re getting an entire human being.

What baffles me about Eve is not that it exists — frankly I’m surprised no one has made an escort service app before — but how little attention it’s getting. Currently the outrage for crimes against women is directed to the naked celebrity pics scandal. As Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and others scramble to cover their butts (both literally and metaphorically), people are pointing out that this is an assault, a terrible breach of privacy and bullying of women. And rightly so. What happened to those female celebs is horrifying and worthy of every drop of public outcry against it.

But if we’re talking about commodifying women it doesn’t get much clearer than an app that literally sells women. (Although Moon does point out that sales of men make up about 10 percent of his business.) Granted, this argument goes back for probably as long as humanity has existed, and there are certainly women who choose to do escort work and are quite happy filling that niche. However, Moon is clear that Eve is not selling prostitutes as their models must abide by a set of guidelines including no hand holding and no staying out past 3 a.m. But whether or not someone is willingly performing sex work is beside the point for me.

Young models are one of the most notoriously taken advantage of groups of working women be it physically, financially or emotionally. Much has been said and shown of how girls are sexually assaulted, abused, financially enslaved and otherwise treated very poorly. Earlier this year, one of the most famous fashion photographers in the business, Terry Richardson, basically confessed to the systematic sexual abuse of young women — and got away with it (including disseminating naked pictures of them). Where’s the public outrage for those women? Apparently you’re only worthy of protection if you’re famous enough. And now the fact that we have a phone app to make this type of exploitation that much easier makes me sad.

It is a terrible offense to steal pictures of a woman’s body and share them for public viewing but it seems even more terrible to offer up a woman’s actual body for mass consumption.

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