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Underwater wedding photos are having a moment (VIDEO)

If you can hold your breath, you can get crazy-awesome underwater wedding photographs.


When I first read about this new trend of underwater photos popping up in China, I was skeptical. I understand that every person tying the knot wants to be sure that their special day is one of a kind, but this just seemed silly. Then I actually watched the team at “Mr. Wedding” get to work on their brides and grooms. Um, can I admit that I am now totally sold on the notion? I mean, minus the fact that I don’t think I can hold my breath for the length of time required to get a good shot.

It’s one of those ideas that shouldn’t work, but does. The appearance of weightlessness brings a dreamy quality to the photos — especially when the bride in question has donned a white gown that’s particularly flowing. I gotta say, I’m impressed by all the dudes willing to step up and try something this outrageous for their wedding photographs. The owner of “Mr. Wedding” says that these sorts of shoots actually now make up 50 percent of her revenue. Crazy! How long before it’s common practice here in the U.S., do you think?

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