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Subway yoga: The latest health craze spicing up your commute

Step aside subway performers: There are new humblebrags in town and Instagram’s been all aflutter about them. Subway yoga is officially a thing, with oodles of commuters turning themselves into human pretzels and posting their poses to social media. With the NYPD cracking down on break dancers and other street performers for inciting fear on the subway, nobody knows how to feel about this latest health craze — or rather, health crazy.

Some yogi commuters lay their mats down for sun salutations, while others bust a move on the seats, floor and around poles. Sure, they’re making the most of their commute, which in itself is inspiring — anyone who exercises voluntarily has my respect, but isn’t this whole thing a little too… over the top? Like, Richard Simmons over the top? And kind of rude to the other passengers?

Let’s disregard the fact that you’re exercising in what’s probably a cesspool of germs and bacteria: You’re also sweating all over stressed out commuters who just want to get from point A to point B without their life turning into a Dateline episode. And, guaranteed, there are fitness-challenged folks on that subway who don’t need to be reminded of all the ways they’re not keeping their own bodies healthy.
You can do a standing forward fold without snapping in half — good for you. But you’re doing so while taking up more than your fair share of space in a cramped public area that is, in fact, not a gym. While you’re getting your Zen on, you could be causing the ex-smoker next to you to fall off the wagon the second those doors open.

Clearly you’re dedicated to your health, which means you’re one of those diamonds in the rough who can say to yourself, “I’m going to do some yoga when I get home,” and, you know, actually do it. So, why not leave the subway to the rest of us, who plan on doing the same… only we’ll probably nap instead.












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