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A game that busts workout boredom (VIDEO)

All exercisers agree that there’s nothing quite like the endorphin rush of a good workout.


It’s not the exercise part of exercising that makes us groan — it’s everything else! First, we have to find clean workout clothes, then we have to find time in our day and then we have to actually go to the gym and exercise.

Once you’re there in the gym, it’s easy to get stuck in the same humdrum routine — of course you leave feeling totally uninspired to ever work out. This quick way to change up your workout is something you cannot only do at home, but it will inject a little life into your routine. Choose a coin, any old coin, and play heads or tails when it comes to what you do next and how many reps you do. The fun part of this game is that you’re doing it alone… so no one can tell if you cheat and opt to do fewer squats!

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