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Finally, a rom-commentary that actually gets modern daters (VIDEO)

I am always going to love romantic comedies, even though their story lines can be a little far-fetched (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?) and their endings a little too happily-ever-after (I mean, Harry and Sally went through a lot of crazy to get together in the end). But maybe these films have died out a little bit in recent years, because they aren’t exactly capturing the nuances of everyday couples.

Enter “The Meet Cute,” a rom-commentary about online dating that actually kind of kills it in the whole “modern couple probs” department. Check it out:
In just under 10 minutes, “The Meet Cute” manages to nail a few key elements of relationships today. Here’s what I thought was spot on. Do you agree?

1) The lame arguments. Matt and Jenny begin discussing what to tell Matt’s parents about how they met (on Tinder), and it quickly devolves into name-calling and accusations about selfishness. Oh, how these things can escalate, right?

2) The emotional gender gap. Women are complex, and we tend to have a lot of emotions men don’t seem to get. This leads to Matt’s perfect blank stare when she tries to explain her immense need for a cutesy “how we met” story. Priceless.

3) The make-up. Seriously, most of the time, couples today fight over things that do not deserve our breath (our couple “backstory”), and yet enter total chill mode whenever something pops up that probably deserves at least a minor freakout (like, um, a crashing into your guy’s car?). The moment between Matt and Jenny at the end is kind of adorable. In all its silliness.

Ah, modern romance.

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