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6 GIFs that prove the treadmill is fun


Running is no longer your only option when it comes to the treadmill. There’s a new way to get your treadmill workout in, and it’s a heck of a lot more fun if you ask us. We bring you: treadmill dancing.

Check this out: This man’s dancing his way through his treadmill workout at his local gym. We can only imagine the reaction of his fellow gym-goers! But, hey, this guy’s got the right attitude — keep your workout fun, and it no longer seems like you’re working out.

Meet Marcus Dorsey:

Meet Marcus Dorsey:

Photo credit: David Wilson

Wait… there’s more

Others are transforming the way they treadmill, too!

These high school boys sure got the moves:

These high school boys sure got the moves

Photo credit: Ben Hiler

Salsa dancing on the treadmill:

Salsa dancing on the treadmill:

Photo credit: Bernadette Robinson

Freestyle treadmill dancing:

Freestyle treadmill dancing:

Photo credit: SchwarzschildMedia

Your not-so-normal aerobics routine:

Your not-so-normal aerobics routine:

Photo credit: Beni Lew

And finally, we leave you with this dance-aerobics routine:

we leave you with this dance-aerobics routine

Photo credit: Tanya Fletcher – Blandy

Tell us: What do you think of treadmill dancing? Share in the comments below!

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