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8 Touching wedding stories that will ruin your mascara

Pop quiz: What’s better than a touching, tear-worthy wedding story? That was a trick question because the answer is: nothing.

With the type of news we’ve all been seeing lately, sometimes you need a little ray of sunshine to remind you that all is not lost. So we rounded up some touching wedding stories to give you a little break and suggest that perhaps love does conquer all.

So get ready to cry, but then get ready to smile.

1. A wedding in the groom’s last days
This tragic but beautiful wedding story centers around Rowden and Leizel, whose wedding took place in the hospital, where Rowden was residing after being diagnosed suddenly with stage IV liver cancer. But his dream? To marry the love of his life. Rowden passed away less than 10 hours after saying his vows and it is impossible not to be moved by the love these two share.

2. A wedding (almost) without a dress

This story of a 911 dispatcher who, after taking a call from a bride whose wedding dress was stolen on the morning of her wedding, offered the bride her own wedding dress from her nuptials just 18 months earlier. The dress miraculously fit and I miraculously believe in miracles again.

3. A wedding toast from the sky

Wedding toast from the sky

Photo credit: Brandon Krivohlavy/YouTube

When marine Matthew Krivohlavy couldn’t make his brother’s wedding because he was deployed overseas, he did the next best thing and filmed a wedding toast from the sky. Sorry, but this just knocked your maid of honor speech out of the water.

4. Three sisters married on one day

Here’s a touching story times three: The Swales family held a triple wedding for all three daughters (who were each already engaged) so that their mother, who was in a four-year battle with cancer could see all of her girls get married.

5. A wedding recreated with adorable new photos

This one will really get you. Ben Nunery and his 3-year-old daughter recreated his wedding photos with his late wife, and his daughter’s mother, in the house they bought the day before they were married. Seriously try to keep a dry eye.

6. The groom that planned a surprise wedding

surprise wedding based off of his fiance’s Pinterest board

We’ve talked about this tear-jerker before, but it is worth a re-watch. The groom planned a surprise wedding based off of his fiancée’s Pinterest board, and the result is just incredible.

7. The groom who honored bride’s late father

This photo alone will bring you to tears, but knowing what the groom was saying may tip you over the edge. In honor of the bride’s father, who passed away from cancer years before, the groom included the following in his vows, “to be the man your father would have wanted you to marry.” TISSUE PLEASE.

8. The Home Depot proposal
And while this one is a proposal story, not a wedding story, and it takes place in perhaps the world’s least romantic or touching place ever (Home Depot), you cannot deny all of the feelings you are feeling right now.

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