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10 Weird and possibly unfair relationship deal breakers

We talked to real women who have called off a new relationship because the guy crossed an undefined line in the sand. You tell us — are these deal-breakers legit, or would you have given the guy a second chance?

1. He played too much putt-putt

not interested

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Who doesn’t love putt-putt? At least 85 percent of the general population, but Liz’s date hadn’t gotten the memo. “He kept saying ‘bro’ and asking to play putt-putt,” she said. “I just didn’t understand the appeal of either of these things.”

2. He made a scene


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Here’s one of my own personal anecdotes: Loud talking in a quiet restaurant. Tone it down a notch, guys, you’re hurting my eardrums and making a scene.

3. He had girl hands

tiny hands

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Feminine hands have ruined many a budding relationship. Two different women noted that they just couldn’t get past their guys’ tiny, cutesy girl hands. “It was like watching that Burger King commercial for mini burgers,” said Katherine.

4. He thought he was his celebrity look-alike

big deal

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Katherine had apparently dated some real gems, because she added another quirk to her list of deal-breakers. “He kept telling me who he — and apparently others — thought his celebrity look-alike was,” she said. “It was way ambitious, and he kept mentioning it.”

5. He talks about my lips


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“Within five minutes of meeting my date, he tried to kiss me,” said Elizabeth. His reason? “He said my lips were the softest he had ever seen!” Boundaries, dude. You crossed ’em.

6. He fidgeted with his arm brace


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Somehow, this seems similar to the serious problem women have with girl hands. Wyndi’s date had dainty wrists that he tried to protect with a brace, but it wasn’t working for him. “He kept taking it off, and then putting it back on — off, on, off, on.” Emotionally exhausting. Do you have dainty hands or not, bro?

7. He went to the bathroom way too often

so gross

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Here’s another one of my own. While there’s no need to feel embarrassed about a first-date bathroom visit, one guy I dated left me by myself at the symphony five times when nature called. Still no clue what that was about (and I didn’t stick around to find out).

8. He wanted to take my picture too soon

do the creep

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Asking for a picture of your date is probably off-limits. “He asked to take pictures of me to keep on his phone after the third date,” said SK’s own Maria Mora. Creepy, much?

9. He was dating me to fulfill a fetish


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Amanda’s date revealed on their first date that he “always wanted to date a curly-haired girl so he could complete the circle.” He was able to cross that off his list while she crossed him out of her life.

10. He wore jean shorts


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Sometimes, though, things work out against the odds. “My date showed up wearing jean shorts, Timberland boots and a braided leather belt. It wasn’t 1995,” said Laura. They’ve been happily married for eleven years.

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