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This site is like VRBO, but you have to be single and hot to participate

Back in 2006, there was a lovely little rom-com called The Holiday, in which two women on opposites sides of the globe swapped houses for a week and found love (not with each other). Hilarity ensued. We’ve waited eight years, ladies, but now it’s finally time for our own version of The Holiday!

Only, we’re not exactly swapping houses with other women. We’re staying with single, attractive men who want to open their hearths and hearts to love, or perhaps violent crime.

LoveRoom bills itself as “the best of a room-sharing site, coupled with elements of a dating service to provide a new and intimate way for single people to meet.” It’s somewhat similar to home swapping site like VRBO or HomeAway, only with the expectation of sex upon arrival. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m not trying to be a prude here, but of all the bad ideas out there, this seems like it might just top the list. If you simply have to hook up with someone, for goodness sake, try a vibrator or a pool boy or something. Just don’t go halfway across the globe to stay in a strange culture with a strange man. That is the type of decision that makes things go wrong.

A recent LoveRoom blog post asked the question, “Why should women join LoveRoom?” The unspoken answer, of course, is that women don’t join it because the concept is shady and intrinsically dangerous. LoveRoom, however, said that women should join to help the site fulfill its mission of freeing women from their sexual inhibitions. How noble. (Cue my side-eye.) 

Until the website can figure out how to let members swap houses without needless risk, LoveRoom will remain a sausage-fest of “men seeking women.” They can just keep on waiting for young, hot and frisky women to appear on their doorsteps like a fantasy, because I’m certainly not joining anytime soon.

I never thought I’d say this, but Tinder seems like a better idea.

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