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Lovesick guy proposes to five Disney princesses… and Gaston, too

Nothing like the magic of Disney — and a cubic zirconia ring — to put a man in the mood for love.

Austin-based writer Blaine Gibson tried to make his own Happily Ever After by proposing to every Disney princess he could get close to during his recent trip.

First, he tried to lock down Rapunzel.

Then, he moved on to Cinderella, but she didn’t seem all that enthused. After all, she’s already got her Prince Charming.

Ariel looked positively surprised by the thingamajig presented to her by her suitor in a tank top.

Jasmine seemed pissed. Aladdin was kind of indifferent to the whole thing.

Tinker Bell looked the happiest.

He ended up proposing to Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston, too.

Ultimately, Tinker Bell was the one who said yes… or something.

“I ended up giving the ring to Tink because she was my last princess. She, Rapunzel and Ariel won my heart,” he tweeted afterward.

“Ariel was so beautiful. I must marry her,” he said. Sadly, his true love story wasn’t meant to be.

“Man, Ariel was hot,” he opined on the Rooster Teeth podcast. “My hope was that when I tweeted the photos — I was just really hoping for Ariel — that I would hear back… Somebody had to know somebody.”

It hasn’t happened yet… but he’s still hoping.

“I had a Disney employee who said she found Ariel and was going to give her my Twitter handle,” he added. “But nothing ever happened.”

Don’t lose hope Blaine… when you wish upon a star anything your heart desires will come true. At least until the park closes.

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