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Groom fakes death to avoid his wedding (VIDEO)

Just months before they were scheduled to begin their lives together, Alex Lanchester got a heartbreaking call that her fiancé was dead.

Tucker Blandford was depressed and had thrown himself out of a moving car, the caller, who identified himself as the groom’s father, said. Blandford lived and worked in the U.S., and Lanchester was preparing for their wedding in England.

After taking in the awful news, Lanchester called her fiancé’s parents to tell them how sorry she was. The nightmare got even more bizarre when his parents told her that not only was their son alive and doing fine, but that they had no knowledge of Lanchester or her upcoming wedding to their son.

The two fell in love in Connecticut while Lanchester was studying in the U.S. The wedding was scheduled to be held there last week.

Looking back, she says she probably missed the signs something wasn’t right with her fiancé.

“In hindsight, all the warning signs were there, and I should have known he wasn’t going to marry me. But I was young, in love and naive,” she told the British publication Metro.

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