7 Trendy food hybrids and superdrinks to try

Make way for this season’s newest and trendiest food hybrids and superdrinks you haven’t even heard about… yet.

t Chia seeds and cronuts have paved the way for an ever-rotating frenzy for spanking-new superfoods and hybrids; Americans just can’t get enough. Moved on from this year’s kale hysteria? Ready to bid adieu to the hemp seed stir? Then make way for this season’s newest and trendiest food hybrids and superdrinks you haven’t even heard about… yet.

1. Tiger nuts

t Tiger nuts aren’t nuts, they’re a vegetable.


t The tiger nut is not a nut, but an edible tuber with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. Tubers appear root-like, but are modified plant structures that are enlarged to store nutrients. This super root has been part of the Mediterranean culture for centuries and are believed to have been the primary source of food for the Paleo-Indians, the earliest-known settlers to the Americas. Research shows that tiger nuts are the best whole-food source of a particular type of fiber called resistant starch (prebiotic) which is the preferred food of our gut microflora (probiotics).

t Organic Gemini has teamed cold-pressed organic tiger nuts with horchata, a creamy, slightly sweet beverage generally associated with Spain and Latin America that nourishes these friendly gut bugs and strengthens the immune system and it’s dairy free, nut free and gluten free.

tTry it: Organic Gemini TigerNut Horchata

2. Borojo

t Nature’s Viagra and energizer.


t Borojo (pronounced bo-ro-HO) is known famously in Latin America as an aphrodisiac (it is called “Nature’s Viagra”), it is also consumed as an energizer, a metabolism booster and to maintain a healthy weight. Indigenous to the Southern Pacific rainforests of Colombia, borojo has been revered for centuries by the local population for what is considered its nutritional and health-promoting properties.

t It’s uniquely high in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and essential amino acids, a great option for replenishing your body quickly. How should you try it? The tart flavor blends well with other juices, green tea and yerba mate.

tTry it: Borojo Beverage Pink Guava Passionfruit

3. Infused Frozen Pizza

t A fruit and vegetable-rich favorite.


t Oh Yes! Foods just launched a genius frozen pizza line infused with superfoods, fruits and veggies, right into the dough. Available in traditional, gluten-free and dairy-free varieties, the quick-fix meal created by two doctors contains as much vitamin C as a cup of blueberries, as much vitamin A as a glass of tomato juice, as much fiber as a bowl of instant oatmeal and as much iron as a cup of spinach. Their specially-formulated gluten-free crust emulates the same stone-baked texture you will find in traditional crusts and boasts beets, papaya, guava, kale, carrots and more.

tTry it: Oh Yes! Foods Doc’s Delicious Gluten-Free Pizza

4. Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil

t Doesn’t lose nutrients at high temperatures.


t Unlike butter, corn oil and even olive oil, which surprisingly breaks down and degrades its nutrients at high temperatures, Malaysian palm fruit withstands high temperatures without losing its nutritional value. This palm oil has a mild carrot-like flavor and is loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin E, both beneficial to your skin and heart. It’s ideal for soups, sauces and sauteing; it also turns regular popcorn into delicious (and much healthier) movie theater-style hot buttered popcorn.

tTry it: Nutiva Organic Red Palm Oil

5. Acerola Cherries

t A stable and long-lasting form of vitamin C.


t Bright red acerola cherries are one of the richest sources of vitamin C, and in its food state, rather than synthetically manufactured, it’s easily absorbed and retained for a whopping 48 hours. Acerola juice contains 13 times more vitamin C than an equal portion of orange juice. Acerola juice is such a rich source that MedlinePlus warns against drinking the juice if you also take vitamin C supplements. Acerola is more commonly found as a supplement, given that the fruit is highly perishable, as fast as 4 hours, but look for it now in smoothie packs.

tTry it: Smooch Acerola Cherry Smoothie Snack

6. The Biskie

t A new biscuit, cookie and cake combo.


t Poised to outshine and out-sugar our American cronut, the “biskie” was created by London-based bakery Cutter and Squidge. It’s a fresh, unique handmade creation of biscuit, cookie and cake layered with a light buttercream and handmade jams and caramels. Think macaroon meets whoopie pie meets crispy biscuit.

tTry it: The Triple C Biskie

7. Glucomannan Powder

t Derived from the roots of the Konjac plant and aids weight loss.


t Glucomannan powder is composed of the roots of the Konjac plant (yes, the same root that popularized the face-washing sponge). The soluble fiber aids in weight loss by creating a feeling of fullness so you eat less and lose weight. Glucomannan can also be used as a gluten-free thickening agent in food applications. It’s a tasteless and odorless substitute for cornstarch in recipes including smoothies and sauces.

t As a pure soluble fiber, glucomannan powder can also help lower cholesterol levels by interfering with its absorption, and it’s also been shown to improve blood lipid and glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients.

tTry it: Glucomannan Powder