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Adult sleep-away camp is exactly what we all need

There are few times one can truly be nostalgic and take themselves back to “the good ol’ days.” Other than a random #TBT picture, how often do you actually remember what life was like during your childhood days?


t When was the last time you asked yourself, “If my 13-year-old self could see me now, would she be happy with the life I’ve created?”

t With hectic life schedules and groups of friends, colleagues and peers all around you, it’s easy to fall into the stereotype of who you think you should be. Most of the time we’re motivated by fear, competitive nature, or need for comfort. Let’s be honest, at 5 years old were you really gung-ho over being an investment banker? Maybe so, but chances are you haven’t taken a moment to nourish your soul and explore the real reasons behind some of the dramatic life choices you’ve made.

t But don’t panic just yet. Thanks to the geniuses Michelle Goldblum and Allison Leipzig, Soul Camp is here for you to relive, restore and replenish at camp. Whether you’re a mom, hardcore career maven, recent college grad or just making your next life move, this sleep-away camp will give you a whole new emotional perspective on life.


t Men and women now have the chance to escape their everyday lives to play again. But this time around you may not be drinking bug juice or flirting with boys behind Music Bob’s tent (guilty, and you can probably still do this at soul camp). Instead, you’ll indulge in water sports, hiking, yoga, late night s’mores, organic food, concerts and friends you’ve always wanted.

t If bonfires with like-minded adults who share your sense of adventure sound better than your weekend to-do list, Soul Camp is the place for you. The experience will leave you refreshed and may even give you the clarity you need.

t To sign up, go to, and enter SOULFULSUMMER for $100 off. Thank me later.

tPhoto credit: Jean-Marie Prival/Moment Open/Getty Images

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