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10 Reasons it’s actually awesome to be a ‘boring’ couple

Your relationship is past the warm-and-fuzzy stage and you’re now in comfort territory — and you’re starting to panic. What if we become too comfortable? What if we start doing the same things day after day after day? What if we run out of things to talk about? What if he stops caring about wearing pants and I stop caring about brushing my hair? What if we become a (gulp) boring couple?

If comfort were a bad thing, then it wouldn’t be so… well, comfortable. And there are a lot of benefits you can see in a “boring” relationship, if you just let yourself.

1. You have a shorthand with each other

He knows what it means when you come home from work and make a beeline for the Haagen-Dazs. You have a talent for translating his grunts. He knows exactly what to order at the movie theater. You save him the red Skittles. There are oodles of subtle, unspoken ways your lives organically fit together. He is the cheese to your macaroni.

2. There’s no drama for drama’s sake

I admit, it’s hard not to look at a couple who legitimately gets along and wonder if I’m hallucinating. I don’t know whether it’s because we unintentionally compare our relationships to the ones we see on TV, I don’t know if we crave drama to feel alive, but no drama isn’t boring — it’s healthy. The thought of ending up being treated like a good portion of the women on television (Why, Fitz? Why?) makes me want to join a nunnery.

3. You have an automatic alibi

If there’s a work function, family function or friend dysfunction that you don’t want to participate in, you can be all, “Sorry, we have plans already.” Nobody questions the sanctity of couple time — unless they suck.

4. You have someone to online shop for

Admit it: When you know he needs new socks you’re all too excited to buy them for him. It just feels good.

5. You have a built-in best friend

You know about each other’s baggage and relationship non-negotiables, family history and pet peeves, and building a foundation like this is hard work — so why not consider being comfortable a badge of honor? Making it to the comfort stage is a huge victory!

6. The awkwardness factor has been diffused

He knows what your laundry day underwear looks like and even though he has some weird foot thing he needs to look into, you’re still going to sleep with him tonight.

7. Boring equals dependable

With life being an incessant whirlwind of WTF, isn’t it nice to have one area of your life that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a giant snake pit?

8. Date nights

Bow chicka wow wow!

9. The only thing worse than being too comfortable…

Is still being uncomfortable after all this time. To me, that’s an even bigger indication that something’s off-kilter with the relationship.

10. Can you honestly imagine being comfortable with anybody else?

Just imagine all that you’ve built with your beau, and remind yourself of the time and effort that it took. Now, imagine starting all over again to get to this point. Sigh. Bring on the boring, am I right?

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