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We’d marry these guys based on their proposal videos alone (VIDEO)

Online proposal videos? Adorable. Addicting. Amazing!

And after watching one (… or two… or 52…) you can’t help but fall a little in love with the guys who go the extra mile to show that special girl how much they care. There are tons of great ones out there, but here are seven you definitely shouldn’t miss. Get ready to laugh, cry, smile and sigh.

The Pinterest guy
Not only did Ryan take note of his future bride’s major wish — to get engaged and married on the same day — but he also used her Pinterest wedding board to pull it off. Talk about attention to detail!

The super-over-the-top guy
Justin pulled out all the stops to ask Emily to marry him. Over the top? Yes, but the fact that he tried this hard — walks down memory lane, music video elements, car chases — is pretty romantic.

The adorkable guy
Cheesy? Oh, yes. Dorky? Check. Completely and totally adorable that he involved all those high schoolers? Absolutely.

The “We always knew” guy
These two might have always known they’d be together, but she didn’t always know he’d propose at the end of this six-year journey.

The faux-freakout guy
He made her think they were experiencing some traumatic problem in that airplane… but the moment she starts putting all the pieces together is priceless.

The {best} movie trailer guy
I’ve seen a whole lotta movie trailer proposals, but Matt’s takes the cake. (And with 30 million views and counting, others seem to agree!)

The Peter Pan guy
Moriah loved Peter Pan from the time she was a child… and happens to fall for Chris, who plays Peter Pan onstage. Naturally, he had to take her to Neverland before asking her to be his bride. Aw.

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