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The JLo guide to getting over your ex

A breakup might seem like a major bummer at first, but it’s actually a golden opportunity to leave the past behind and inhabit a more fabulous version of yourself. For inspiration, we turn to JLo, the queen of staying sexy after splitting up. Follow her lead to let go of the past and live even larger post-partnership.


1. Go back to the block

t You may have lost the love of your ex, but you’ve still got all your loving people back home. So don’t gyp yourself out of the joy of hangin’ with your original peeps. Go back to the block and reconnect with your roots. Get enchiladas from your favorite spot. Share a shake with your kid sister. Cash in on the comfort of your extended family. Remind yourself of who you were before the relationship lived and died. Drench yourself in old-school love.

2. Live your single life on the floor

t Banish the baggy clothing from your closet and take your style to new heights. Highlight your curves. Show off your cocoa-buttered skin. Walk around in only rhinestone pumps. Dress like the liberated diva you always wanted to be, then hit the floor. Find any excuse to dance… morning, noon or night. Stay out until the club closes and you’ve sweated your ex out of your shimmering pores.

3. Keep yourself iced

t Celebrate your freedom with a serious commitment to some fresh ice. Diamond earrings, a sapphire anklet, an emerald encrusted ring… just do it. Then flash it all around town like you’re the queen of the night. Because you are.

4. Pop bubbly on a yacht with your girls

t Plan a glamorous vacation. Immediately. Somewhere that makes you feel luxurious and sensual. Pack impractically with more rhinestone pumps and leather halters than you’ll ever have time to wear. Go with your favorite friends. Find a fresh young Papi and shamelessly flirt your face off.

5. Write a new song

t A broken heart can bring a huge burst of creative energy. JLo would never waste this moment on tears and television. Instead she would record a new album and let the world know that even though her heart is in pieces her booty is as bumpin’ as ever. You do the same. Paint a gallery’s worth of pictures. Revamp your apartment. Start a business venture. Get off your sexy ass and make something awesome with that post-breakup burst. This split is your excuse to make JLo proud and get loud.

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