Bride’s Facebook post calls out her frenemies — Did she go too far?

Is it the self-importance? The passive-aggressive score settling? The laughable grammar? Hard to say.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the most vomit-inducing aspect of this bride’s Facebook post shared by a Reddit user last week.

This Unbelievably Horrible Bride, or “UHB,” preemptively took to her Facebook to let her “friends” know she was preparing to send out her wedding invitations and that, due to space constraints, many of them would not be on the list. Then, so none of them would be “butt hurt” UHB listed seven categories of people who didn’t quite make the cut.

They range from the tacky to the reasonable, like number two, which sort of makes sense: “If you are just a work acquaintance and I have never hung out with you outside of work.” But were those people really sitting on pins and needles waiting for an invitation?

UHB goes on to clearly identify a group of frenemies she wants to let know that she knows they said mean stuff about her and this is where the payback happens. It’s her day and she’s pissed. And she doesn’t have to know the difference between your and you’re, because she’s the bride.

“7. If at any point you have ever talked s*** about me or [GROOM’S NAME REDACTED] your (sic) definitely not invited.”

After she works out her anger listing the names of those destined to miss the greatest wedding ever, at the bottom of the post she seems to offer an opt-in for the most “butt hurt.”

“If you don’t get an invite and are planning on coming let me or [NAME REDACTED]…”

Anyone know where she’s registered? Probably safe to say just about everyone who read the missive now falls into category number seven.

Reddit user EIttoop might have put it best in the comments section, “Usage of the phrase ‘butt hurt’ = class act.”

Reddit users note to potiential wedding guests

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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