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Man pulls off adorable proposal with an unlikely prop

I’m something of an expert on adorable proposal videos that go viral.
I have seen many. (I instant message these things back and forth with my friend, Caroline, throughout the day sometimes. They are a great way to procrastinate… Oops.) And now a new vid is becoming the latest to tug at my heartstrings.

Since sporting matching penguin costumes during their first Halloween as a couple, the arctic animals have held special meaning to Mitch and Casey. So, Mitch enlists the help of the Pittsburgh Zoo to stage a fake penguin prize-winner meet-and-greet for his girlfriend. Behold the results.

Now, all great proposal videos are not made equal. They definitely don’t have to be fancy, over-the-top, extravagant affairs. Some are simple, yet sweet. But no matter what, they always have these elements:

1. A thoughtful plan

I mean, “penguins” was a theme of their relationship, guys — and Mitch figured out how to turn that into a method for popping the question. How cute is that?

2. Fitting background music

Because, yeah. If you’re going to make a video for posterity, do it right. Think about it: In the mental movie of every romantic moment you’ve ever played out in your mind, real or pretend, there is always music — whether it be upbeat and hopeful, or sappy and tear-jerking.

3. A sweet approach to The Question

Mitch had me at the tears in his eyes when he looked at Casey, followed by the words, “everything about you… inspired me.”

4. An awesome reaction

Casey can’t stop smiling, giggling, bouncing up and down… and can’t resist bear-hugging Mitch before he even gets the ring on her finger.

Now, I’m going to try and resist spending the rest of the day Googling more proposal videos…

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