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Woman uses Nike+ app to draw hilarious penis pictures


Running can be boring. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes it’s a fun, exhilarating jog along the beach just like the tampon ads promise. But more often it’s hot (or cold), sweaty miles of putting one foot in front of the other. Claire Wyckoff decided to get more creative with her runs. A lot more creative.

Why run in a boring circle when you could run, say, in the shape of a Corgi puppy? Claire took this idea and ran with it (ha!), starting Running Drawing, a Tumblr based on pictures she created as her Nike+ app mapped her runs. But the Corgi was just the beginning. Soon she branched out into more entertaining shapes. For instance, she’s done a 5.59-mile run that ended up drawing a perfect alien from the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders and a 4.2-mile run that traced out Slimer from Ghostbusters (complete with creepy eyes).

Things got even funnier when her sister asked her to run-draw her name. Instead, Claire writes, “We did her one better: We ran a stripper on a pole. It was 4.5 miles but well worth it for family.” True! (Dear Family, I now know what I’m getting all of you for Christmas. You’re welcome.)

But then the young woman’s thoughts turned to… giant penises. You know, like you do. She started out small with a run-draw that could be a male member but maybe also a toy gun or even a pointing finger. Her next one, dedicated appropriately to Game of Thrones‘ Theon Greyjoy, was more anatomically correct (and also circumcised?). And then she triumphed with an impressive five-mile long schlong. That’s one way to get a hot, sweaty workout.

But whether she’s running a middle finger to say “f*** cancer” for a friend or running micro-trails to add hair to places we’d rather not think about hair being, we find her humor a breath of fresh air. She definitely has a gift, not to mention impressive spacial skills. Plus it’s the best usage of the Nike+ app we’ve ever heard.

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