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App that helps you map the nearest green juice bar


The GreenHopping app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices, uses GPS coordinates to help consumers locate delicious and healthy food right in their neighborhoods. Planning a girls night? Use the app to find a vegan restaurant with tasty and colorful foods, obviously. Need a post-workout power boost? Call your gym rat boyfriend and meet him at a GreenHopping smoothie bar.

GreenHopping, the mobile application exists to connect health-conscious consumers to juice bars, organic smoothie bars, health food stores and raw or vegan-based restaurants. It’s like bar hopping, but with green foods and drinks.

But wait, there’s more

Currently, the GreenHopping app is available in 14 U.S. cities, and founders Catherine Cuello and Alfred Fuente plan to extend the app into additional locations within the next year. But, Cuello and Fuente don’t want to stop there. “Our goal is to create change via technology, by introducing a more natural lifestyle in a way that is accessible and applicable to today’s consumer habits,” they explain on the GreenHopping website.

Once the app grows in popularity, Cuello and Fuente plan to further use its platform to increase consumer access to healthy food delivery options, so that local grocers can bring green, raw and vegan foods directly to consumers’ doorsteps. Happy hour, clearly, is just the first step in their global takeover.

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