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15 Workouts you can do in 10 minutes (VIDEO)

As a work-from-home mom of two under 2, working out is usually the last thing on my mind — until lately. I recently (and by recently, I mean two weeks ago) started making exercise a priority.

When my girls go down for their naps, I lace up my sneakers and get through a workout in the comfort of my living room. In just two weeks, I already feel stronger, have more energy and have lost three pounds.

Lose arm fat
Work your shoulders, biceps and triceps in 10 minutes a day for sexy, sculpted arms.

Sculpt your butt

This is the best workout for an athletic butt — using no weights or equipment other than your own body. You can modify this workout to be as challenging or as easy as you wish.

Victoria’s Secret model workout
Look like a model with this fat-blasting, 10-minute workout with celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck.

Interval training

Starting with high knees followed by burpees and squat jumps, this interval training workout is not for the faint of heart.

Cardio crush

Burn major calories with this 10-minute cardio workout that will definitely leave you exhausted and drenched in sweat — exactly what we’re aiming for!

10 One-minute exercises

Use common household items (such as a pillow and a magazine) for these 10 one-minute workouts you can do any time of day.

Booty-shaking workout
Shake your hips and lose inches off of your waist in just 10 minutes a day.


Stabilize your core and improve your strength with this 10-minute Pilates workout by Pilates instructor Angie Newson.

Total body workout

Grab a set of dumbbells for this total body workout — working your arms, legs, abs and butt all in 10 minutes.

Stretching workout

If you’re not in the mood for hard core cardio, give this Pilates stretching video a try. It helps lengthen and strengthen your muscles without breaking a sweat.

Fat blast

Emergency-room physician Dr. Travis Stork (featured on The Doctors) shows us how to blast fat in just 10 minutes. No more excuses!

10-Minute abs, no crunches
This is for all of you who hate crunches (myself included!). Work your abs and your core without a single crunch.

Full-intensity workout

This is a 10-minute workout focusing on all the major muscles of the body, leaving you feeling strong and re-energized midday!

Dance workout
If running in place and jumping jacks aren’t your thing, give this 10-minute upbeat dance workout a try.

Get a six-pack
And finally, work those abs and get a six-pack in no time with this challenging, core-strengthening abs workout.

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