15 One-minute workouts for busy women (VIDEO)

Aug 19, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. ET
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You may think if you’re only going to exercise for one minute, you may as well not do it at all. With exercise, though, every little bit counts. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the last spot instead of the first, speed walking instead of strolling and playing with your kids at the park all add up — so do one-minute workout videos. Here are 15 you’ll want to give a try.

One-minute abs

Tone and tighten your abs with just one minute per day. Try it every day for two weeks straight for maximum results.

Best booty sculpting workout

Fitness expert Andy McDermott shows how to get the best booty in one minute.

Core workout


Get a sexy butt and abs by working your core in one minute.

Windmill jumps


Here's one minute of windmill jumps to work your abs and get your heart pumping.

Flat abs

If you want flat abs — and eventually a six-pack — this workout is for you.

Plank variations

The plank is one of the best total body moves you can do. Andy McDermott shows us a few variations to challenge yourself with the plank.

Awesome arms


These three moves will work your upper body and tone your arms — starting with elevated push-ups on your coffee table.

Forward lunges

Work your legs while also working your arms with these three forward lunge moves by Andy McDermott.

Cardio workout


This is a crazy, one-minute at-home cardio workout. How many rounds do you think you can do?

Side shuffle taps


Burn extra calories in your living room with simple side shuffle taps.

Lower back


If you have lower back pain — or are simply looking to strengthen your lower back muscles — this is a workout you won’t want to miss.

High-intensity circuit workout


For a full-body, one-minute workout, try these four 15-second, extreme cardio moves.

Toned abs


Here's a quick one-minute abs workout you can do during the commercials of your favorite television show.

Butt workout


All that’s needed is a yoga ball and one minute of your time for a toned and lifted butt.

Lunge reaches


Grab a weight — or even a soup can — and give these forward lunge reaches a try.

Tip: If you have a smart TV, you can play these videos for free on the TV versus staring down at the computer screen.

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