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The scariest words you’ll read today: $1,100 Dior running shoes


Imagine taking your grandma’s Easy Spirit walking shoes, bedazzling the heck out of them and then selling them for $1,100. Now imagine people are actually buying them.

This fantasy-come-true is brought to you by Karl Lagerfeld in the form of his new Dior couture gym shoes. And fashion insiders are predicting the shoes are going to be a huge hit. In fact, Style Bubble called them “the ultimate culmination of high fashion copulating with street wear.” You hear that? These shoes are The Ultimate.

At first glance, you may think your traditional Nikes do just fine on their own and that you do not need lace, glitter or rhinestones to get your run on. But it’s a proven fact (that I just made up) that fancy feet are faster feet. So if you’re interested in spicing up your gym wardrobe and have a couple of grand to drop, you’re in luck as the Dior sneaks come in two varieties. The lace-covered athletic shoes can only be purchased as part of an entire outfit, price on request. (So your shoes won’t clash with your tea dress? I guess?) But the simpler bedazzled shoes can be bought by any old plebeian with enough cash.

Dior bedazzled sneakers on the runway

Photo credit: Jessica Hromas/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But is this just a case of the emperor having no (cute) clothes or is fashion finally coming to its senses and giving us something to make up for decades of torturing our tootsies with stilettos? Since I haven’t tried them out I can’t speak to their comfort. (Call me, Karl!) But I daresay they would be an improvement for any lady who intends to do anything in their shoes besides walk or stand still.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if there really is a niche for couture athletic shoes. Sure we’ve been seeing copies of the Isabel Marant hidden-wedge high tops bopping around cities for a couple of years now. Are hybrid sneakers really going to be a thing now? And if so, when will we see Sketchers jump on this trend? Oh wait, they already have. And these even light up. If only they came in adult sizes.

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