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Vagina-controlled video game app that teaches you to Kegel

Kegel exercises are so 2013.

A new product known as the Skea is taking those famous pelvic floor strengtheners to the next level.

Here’s how it works: Just pop the Skea into your vagina. The device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can control it by squeezing. You simply play games and use your Kegels to control the outcome. No worries about any electrical zaps — the Bluetooth part stays external.

The cute — or perhaps, funny — part: In the game, you play as Alice in Continent. She needs to constantly jump around to run after Rabbit Leg-pullers, dodge Lava Leaks and collect Collagen Elixirs. Instead of touching the screen, how do you control the jump action? Not by touching the screen on your phone, you squeeze your pelvic muscles by squeezing the Skea. Presto, toned vagina and pelvic floor.

It’s not all fun and games, the Skea actually wants you to see the fruits of your Kegel labor. It has an app that tracks your pelvic muscle improvement as you game your way to a more toned va-jay-jay.

“Skea is the world’s most caring and fun Kegel Exercise aid,” the product’s Kickstarter page says.

Before you think Kegels are only good for improving your sex life, stretching and toning pelvic muscles is important for pre-pregnancy preparation and post-pregnancy recovery. It can also aid in bladder control and improve musculoskeletal stability. Half of all women will suffer from Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction sometime in her life, a study on the page says.

The inventors are still looking for more feedback. Should it be able to double as a sex toy? Or should the creators add a feature that will let you compare your game scores to your friends’ tallies? They are also looking into different color options. The list is quite endless as product development rolls on.

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