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My two-night stand turned into a full-blown relationship

We know all about the one-night stand, but what about the two-night stand? Even when two people’s intentions are strictly quick and dirty, the universe sometimes has more in mind than just one fun night.

We can’t wait to watch the upcoming rom-com Two-Night Stand, starring Divergent cutie Miles Teller paired with adorable Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love), about two New Yorkers who aim to hook up for an evening but end up spending much, much more time together than that.

Does this actually happen in real life though?

We talked to one woman whose single night of raw passion ended up changing her life in the best way possible. Boston-based author Lois Leveen, author of the novel Juliet’s Nurse, shared her very personal story with us — a sweet and sexy tale that began in the library, of all places, and ended happily ever after…

“The summer after I graduated from Harvard, at the urging of a gay friend, I decided to ask out one of my coworkers at the Frances Loeb Library,” Lois says. “Chuck was cute, straight, funny, politically correct and single… but was leaving the country in two weeks. My gay friend Christopher responded, ‘Two weeks? You’ll be sick of him by then.’ So I asked Chuck out the next day at work.”

As their shift at the library came to a close, Lois gave Chuck what she thought was the international signal for “Want to grab a beer after work?”

“He was so sweet and dorky,” Lois says. “He looked at me a moment, then said, ‘Oh, you’re asking me. Yes.'”

“Although we were right near campus, the bar we went to — Nick’s Beef and Beer — was very townie. The only beer on tap was Schaefer, and the pitcher was $3 total. We walked around for a while, and he showed me some of his favorite secret spots on campus, and we were telling each other hilarious stories, and we held hands. I figured he had to kiss me first, and finally he did.”

As things got hot and heavy, Lois suggested going back to his place (partly to avoid the awkwardness of running into her roommate).

“The sex was definitely hot,” Lois says. “But it was also like our minds were just made for each other. I think we stayed up pretty much all night, and at, like, 3 a.m., he just hugged me super close and said, ‘I’m so happy,’ and I thought, ‘Hey, me too!’ I could see this guy was really funny and smart yet genuinely sweet. This is a weird thing for me to remember, but he talked about his grandparents on his first date — I could see how much he loved them, and that’s a good sign.”

At work at the library the next day, Lois couldn’t help smiling to herself about the secret romance no one else knew about.

“There was no question about not seeing each other again, so we did, the very next night,” Lois says. “He’d made fettuccine Alfredo for dinner, which seemed very impressive, although now we look back and laugh because really it’s just macaroni and cheese for grown-ups. It was such a fun time, I figured it might stretch into a two-week fling.”

As the days went by, though, Lois was so bummed that he was leaving on a family vacation to Canada the next week that she did something really crazy…

“I just said, ‘What if I went with you?’ And Chuck said, ‘You’d do that?’ And I said, ‘Of course.’ Who knows what his parents must have thought, because it’s not like I was some person he’d been mentioning for months. But they were really nice. We went to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and from there I traveled with his parents and his kid brother through all of Newfoundland and Labrador, meeting his entire extended family. We were that stupid and young and in love. And 24 years later, I like to think that we are not nearly so stupid nor as young, but more in love than ever.”

“I just thought it would be a fling, and that would have been fine, but if I hadn’t been bold about that, then we wouldn’t even be dim memories for each other. And seriously, I cannot imagine my life without him.”

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