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A year of domestic violence, up close and personal

The video you are about to see is hard to watch, but the message is even harder to ignore.

Look closely: What do you see? At first, the video just shows pictures of a young woman, smiling, staring unflinchingly at the camera. But as time passes, a bruise appears, and then another. A black eye becomes a shadow, and the woman’s smile seems to fade.
The last frame brings the project into harsh, painful focus: “Help me,” her sign reads, her face a mess of weeping wounds. “I don’t know if I will survive until tomorrow.”

This brutal take on the popular “photo a day” trick actually appears to be a Croatian public service announcement against domestic violence, and at least one graphics expert says the injuries in the video were created using photo makeup.

Whether it’s real, or whether it’s just an elaborate act, the impact is the same, and it certainly starts a conversation.

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