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Tory Burch for Fitbit and other pretty fitness trackers to oogle over

Tory Burch recently made waves when the company announced its fashion-forward designs for the Fitbit activity tracker.

Women of the world, rejoice

While Tory Burch’s gorgeous designs have grabbed headlines, the brand certainly isn’t alone in its expansion into beautiful tech accessories. We’re seeing a wave of pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional, thus bringing fitness out of the gym and into our everyday lives — where it belongs.

Tory Burch for Fitbit metal hinged bracelet. No one will ever know that a Fitbit quietly lives inside this beautiful bracelet, featuring Tory Burch’s signature lattice design. Wear it in the office or at the gym for the perfect statement piece. The design is also available in a Fitbit-friendly necklace. (Tory Burch, $195, Fitbit sold separately)

Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet.

Tory Burch for Fitbit silicone printed bracelet. Not sure you’re ready to spring for the pricey brass Tory Burch design? Go for this cute silicone version instead — which is equal in great taste, but at a more affordable price point. (Tory Burch, $38)

Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace.

Misfit Shine bloom necklace. Styled like a timeless pendant, Misfit’s Bloom Necklace houses the Shine activity monitor so you can easily keep track of your fitness wherever you go. (Misfit, $80, Shine monitor sold separately)

Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace.

Misfit Shine sport necklace. The flowery Shine pendant isn’t for everyone, and that’s where this sport necklace can come in handy. The minimalist pendant comes in a variety of colors so you can match it to your exercise and work gear. (Misfit, $50)

Misfit Shine Sport Necklace.

Sony SmartBand. This activity monitor from Sony is styled more like a traditional fitness accessory, but its smooth silver disc is paired with a wristband that doesn’t look cheap and plastic. It comes in a variety of colors for a funky bracelet. (, $30, activity monitor sold separately)

activity monitor from Sony

Stay tuned for a surge in options

If the Tory Burch, Misfit and Sony options don’t quite fit your style, stay tuned. Fashionable, wearable tech is the newest craze in fitness, so you can expect to see both fashion and fitness lines roll out new devices and accessories within the year.

Get excited. Stay excited. These trends demonstrate that Americans want to infuse fitness into their whole lives, which will do wonders for our health and wellness.

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