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3 Resources for staying active while on vacation

In this day and age, you don’t have to travel to feel like you’re at a resort.


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t If you’re anything like me, it’s a pipe dream thinking you could get away to enjoy an actual wellness resort, like these from SpaFinder 365, for a summer vacation. Nope, it’s far more likely my “vacation” is a visit with the grandparents on the Jersey Shore or simply a “staycation” in my own city.

t This is where technology can be a beautiful thing. There are well-produced, expert-taught fitness and wellness classes on video, all available online. All I need is my laptop, smartphone or tablet, plus the hotel’s (or my own) Wi-Fi and I can create my own personal wellness resort vacation.

t Here are my three ideas for inspiration.

1. Try something new

t When I’m on vacation I like to get re-inspired by breaking out of my “same-old, same-old” exercise routines. A great place to find some of the best fitness and exercise videos is to start with Techlicious’s 6 Great Sites and Apps for Fitness Classes. Before I leave or start my vacation, I check out a few of these sites and save all the video classes that interest me to watch later.

2. Enjoy a longer workout or practice

t There’s no alarm clock/breakfast rush/commute to deal with on vacation, so I can take more time for my yoga and exercise routine. In my “real life,” many times I can only fit in a 15-minute ab routine, so on vacation I will try a full core workout.

3. Get the family involved

t Generally exercise time is solitary “me-time,” typically very early in the morning. But, on vacation, it can be fun to get my son (he’s 7) involved. Jodi Komitor, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga with Kids, has many videos online that are fun to do with children. This year I want to try starting one day of vacation with a mindful meditation video by davidji. Who knows? It may start a new family tradition.

t Of course technology can’t teleport me to an actual wellness resort that you might find on SpaFinder, but it does help me keep my personal wellness top of mind on my precious summer vacation.

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