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7 Valentine’s Day foods that’ll get you frisky

Get your heart pumping with these wholesome, romance-enhancing ingredients.

tcouple eating afrodisiac food

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t Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If your fella is properly trained and housebroken, he’s likely made a reservation at that fabulous new restaurant you’ve been dying to try. If he’s off his game lately, he’ll be making frantic phone calls on Thursday night to try to squeeze you into the last available booth at your local bar and grill. If he’s especially adventurous, and smitten to boot, he’ll venture into exotic territory and attempt to conquer what many men before him failed to best, cooking Valentine’s Day dinner.

t Yes, ladies, if your fella is a warrior, a prince and a good cook, you’ve got the trifecta. Congratulations. While the act of cooking Valentine’s Day dinner is in itself very romantic, there are a few ingredients that will help your hero out if he’s looking to turn up the heat in the kitchen and the bedroom later on.

t Aphrodisiacs are foods believed to enhance sexual stimulation with their natural properties. I’m sure you’ve heard about oysters, red wine and chocolate, but below is a list of seven other unexpected aphrodisiac foods you’ll want to add to your Valentine’s Day shopping list.



t On top of all its other health benefits, salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to sex hormone production.



t Often recognized as a symbol of fertility, the aromas associated with almonds are legendary for their ability to stir the senses and awaken the passions.



t Ancient Mayan cultures are said to have eaten many avocados as a way to power their sex drives and increase their desirability.



t Throughout history Greeks have associated figs with fertility, and it is no different today since this soft and sweet little fruit is said to be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs available.



t Another favorite of the ancient Greeks, pomegranates are full of antioxidants which protect the lining of blood vessels and allow more blood to course through them. It is said that pomegranates increase sensitivity in the most intimate areas.


Hot peppers

t The capsaicin found in spicy chili peppers enhances blood flow and, as a result, increases the sensation in nerve endings making every touch more vivid and powerful.



t Much like avocados, bananas are loaded with potassium and vitamin B, which play a huge part in the stimulation of sex hormones and blood flow.

t The common denominator in each one of these foods is the ability they have to improve blood circulation. So make sure your chef gets your heart pumping with these wholesome Valentine’s Day ingredients.

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t Have a delicious day!

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