The 7 chakras and how they contribute to your health

May 26, 2014 at 5:50 p.m. ET

Objects, living cells, plants and people all possess physical energy otherwise known as an aura (or energetic body). Just as someone can sense when you are in a bad mood or should not be approached, your body can pick up stress and emotions from those that surround you.

We are highly sensitive beings who hold a larger energetic body than physical body. The energetic body is made up of seven chakras.

What are chakras?

Chakras are energetic centers of the body that range from your sacrum all the way up to your head. There are seven (main) energy centers recognized commonly as the areas that harness the body's energy (known as the Kundalini).

Why are the chakras so important?

Chakras pick up energy and stress that can be stored in these locations. Since the chakras are directly linked to the endocrine system, an energetic or stress buildup can create a blockage. If it is not released, the blockage can lead to dehydration, illness or disease. In order to maintain optimal health and energy, all of the chakras must be balanced.

What do chakras do?

Yoga theories state that a new chakra opens every seven years, for a seven-year interval. Thus, expanding our consciousness and creating more self awareness. With our current knowledge of yoga, kundalini and breath work, we are easily able to access and open other chakras earlier than previously determined, allowing us to obtain self awareness and enlightenment younger than ever.

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Below is a list of the chakras, their locations and emotions associated with them.

1. Root

Location: base of spine

Endocrine Gland: sexual organs

Sense: smell

Emotions: survival issues (finance, independence, money, food, basic needs)

Element: earth

Color: red

2. Sacral

Location: lower abdomen

Endocrine Gland: adrenals

Sense: taste

Emotions: abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality, creativity

Element: water

Color: orange

3. Solar plexus

Location: stomach

Endocrine Gland: pancreas

Sense: sight

Emotions: self-worth, self-esteem, confidence

Element: fire

Color: yellow

4. Heart

Location: center of the chest

Endocrine Gland: thymus

Sense: touch

Emotions: love, peace, joy

Element: air

Color: green

5. Throat

Location: throat

Endocrine Gland: thyroid

Sense: hearing

Emotions: communication, feelings

Element: ether

Color: blue

6. Third eye

Location: forehead

Endocrine Gland: pituitary

Sense: extra-sensory perception

Emotions: wisdom, intuition

Element: spirit

Color: indigo

7. Crown

Location: top of head

Endocrine Gland: pineal

Sense: all senses

Emotion: spirituality

Element: spirit

Color: violet