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3 Ways to lessen stress in your relationship

Relationships can often be one of the biggest sources of stress in our lives. There are several reasons for this.


t One is that we often carry over the stress from other parts of our lives into our relationships. Another is that we often have trouble communicating our needs when we are in a relationship. Many times we have worries and fears that we don’t talk about, and this can build up and become a source of tension that affects our ability to connect with others. It’s important that we work on changing our behavior so that our relationships do not become so stressful. Here are three strategies that we can use to stress less in our relationships.

1. Communicate

t Often we do not let others know how we’re feeling. We don’t tell them what’s going on with us, and we may even expect them to figure out what we are thinking on their own without telling them. Sometimes we even tell them that something isn’t bothering us, but hope that they will do something to make us feel better. We even want them to know what we’re thinking and feeling, even when we haven’t taken the time to identify what’s bothering us. It’s so important that we start letting others know exactly how we’re feeling and what we need from them or how they can help us.

2. Set boundaries

t Boundaries are an important part of a healthy relationship that isn’t filled with stress and tension. Boundaries allow us to separate our relationship from everything else that is going on in our lives. That means if we have a bad day at work, we leave what happened at work. We may take some time to discuss it with our partner and let them know what’s going on with us, but we don’t take it out on them when we’re with them and we don’t focus on it the entire time we’re together either.

3. Make the relationship a priority

t It’s so important that we make our relationships a priority. We live in a multi-tasking, go-go-go society and so many times we do not make sure that quality time with our partner is a priority. It’s important that we schedule time together and that we put our phones away and focus on our partner. We also need to make sure that we’re focused on what is happening in our relationship in the present time together; that means no more rehashing past arguments or disagreements or worrying what might happen in the future.

t Which strategy are you going to start using in your relationship? Share in the comments below.

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