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A complete guide to gettin’ freaky in the water

Shannon Chavez

Photo credit: isitsharp/iStock/360/Getty Images

Summertime is finally here. The weather is warming up, which means wearing less clothes and spending more time outdoors. Whether you are taking a vacation, looking for date ideas or feeling adventurous, getting wet and wild in the water seems like a great idea, but is it safe? Here’s a guide for using water play as a sexy form of summer foreplay.

Sex on the beach

t Some of us are lucky enough to live near a coast, only a short distance away from a sandy paradise with a view. Take a stroll on the beach and get intimate in the water with a partner to reconnect with your senses. Take in the ocean scent, feel the heat or breeze on your body, sand beneath your toes, and let the waves of the ocean touch your skin as the tide pulls in and out. The ocean has so much sexual allure that it makes the top of my list for places to let nature take its course. But remember: Sex on the beach vs. in the water is the safer sex. Bring a blanket or towel to protect you and your partner from bacteria in the sand. Also don’t forget to pack protection. Research shows that latex condoms are safe in salt water but there is a risk they can fall off and be less effective with too much friction and not enough lubrication. The ocean water can literally dry you out… don’t forget the lube.

Private pool party

t Everyone has seen a movie or a show that featured a steamy pool scene, right? It can be exhilarating to get naughty in a pool together with the risk of being seen or caught, escalating both sexual arousal and motivation. The simple issues to remember are that chlorine in a pool may be irritating to your vulva and vagina resulting in swelling, itching or burning and it can disrupt the pH in the vagina leading to infection. It can also affect lubrication. Instead of using the pool as the place to get it on, focus on pool play as the warmup for an even steamier scene later. Take advantage of the weightlessness in the water and experiment with positions you might want to try outside of the pool. Don’t forget eye gazing as a primer to sexual connectivity and emotional resonance. Kissing is also one of the best forms of intimacy. Let the wetness of the water guide you in more passionate kissing, an element so important in our sexual response that it makes more of an impact than intercourse when it comes to sexual fulfillment.

Steamy shower

t One of the best ways for couples to connect intimately while being time efficient is taking a shower together. Hot weather means more sweat and showering is essential to staying fresh and clean. It incorporates all the elements of great intimacy: privacy, sensuality and exploration. Couples can engage with elements of sensate focus to touch and explore each other’s bodies without intercourse being the immediate goal. Stroke and caress the body as you lather each other with soap, awaken the senses and focus on giving and receiving pleasure. All the fun doesn’t have to stop there. After you are fresh and clean, get out the massage oil and moisturize each other’s skin with a sensual massage.

t Though water play can be fun and exciting and seem like a great idea in fantasy, it is safer to use the water as a way to get intimate, open up sexual communication, and incorporate new forms of foreplay.

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