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Love quotes from The Wonder Years and what they remind us about relationships

The Wonder Years is coming to DVD and with it come fond memories and some relationship wisdom too.

If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t take but a few strains of “With a Little Help From My Friends” to be instantly brought back to the groovy world of Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper.

The Wonder Years, that is.

Theirs was a love saga that was full of such youthful hope and turmoil that you couldn’t help but be drawn in. And now, we get to do it all again because they have released the complete series on DVD.

Bust out the bell bottoms, folks.

I have such fond memories of this show and recall watching it while brushing my hopeless blond shoulder-length hair, just willing it to turn into Winnie’s long, shiny black locks.

And aside from learning the hard lesson that one cannot wish their hair into submission, there are a lot of other lessons about relationships and love that we can get from The Wonder Years, and here are a few of ’em:

Wonder years quote 1

Ain’t that the truth. Relationships are the craziest, most defining things we can experience. The lesson here is to let love change you. It will never leave you as it found you and that’s actually good news.

Wonder years quote 2

A hard lesson to learn; one I imagine we never stop learning, is that some things are just for a season. Especially relationships. They can be powerful and beautiful and feel like they have to stretch forever, but if you can learn to be in the moment, you’re doing better than most people.

Wonder years quote 3

I think when you’re in a relationship that lasts for many years (like marriage, I would imagine) it’s so important to love graciously. To allow the person you are with — as well as yourself — to grow and shift and change.

Wonder years quote 4

I love this because to me it says, “Don’t give up hope.” And I know he says ‘young lives’ but I think this applies to anyone in the stage of life where they are without that someone. Don’t stop looking and don’t stop wondering.

Wonder years quote 5

I wish this were not true. But The Wonder Years and Brandi Carlile are right: You can’t make ’em love you.

Wonder years quote 6

What strikes me from this quote is the wisdom that young little Kevin exhibits. Love can be very painful, but it also reminds us that we are alive. Because if we’re not risking and loving, and putting ourselves out there, we escape pain, sure, but we also escape living fully.

Wonder years quote 7

If only Kevin had lived today. The love lesson here? Try and remember the good old days where your word was your word and communication was clear and you used your words and didn’t text, “You up?” (Thus ends my modern dating rant.)

Wonder years quote 8

This love lesson is so simple it’s beautiful: find yourself, find what you love to do, find what you care about, find what makes you tick. This will make you into who you want and need to be as a partner to someone.

Wonder years quote 9

This seems like the perfect closing lesson. And I needn’t elaborate any further. It’s just the darn truth.

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