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The science behind stubble: 6 reasons women find it irresistible

Brionna Kennedy

What is it about facial hair that makes a man so attractive?

t bearded man and happy woman

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t Attraction is a powerful force, and many don’t understand why they are pulled toward certain physical attributes. When properly maintained, facial hair on a man is a look that attracts a large number of women, and there are six reasons women find it irresistible.



t It is a woman’s primal instinct to search for a mate that will offer her stability and security. The right facial hair can give a man a distinguished appearance, creating an aura of intelligence. A regularly trimmed mustache or beard can make them look mature and capable of offering the support a woman needs.



t When boys begin the transformation into becoming men, facial hair begins to grow. This is a masculine trait, and a man with maintained facial hair gives the women he is around a constant reminder of his masculinity. While many women may not even be aware, they pick up on this factor.



t Women are known to be appreciative of good style. When a man has the right facial hair, it shows that he takes care of his appearance and cares about how he looks. The purchase of a luxury men’s razor is an investment that will maximize style and attraction, while keeping a guy on top of this trendy look and all the deviations that are to come.


Face framing

t There are a number of face shapes, and there is a facial hair pattern that will help frame every man’s face nicely. For example, goatees are a good look for men with a strong jaw as they create a visual center to increase the prominence of the jawline. Women have makeup that they use to complement and exaggerate their features. Facial hair is the one way men have to improve and change the look of their natural faces. The first step is determining face shape. There are many guides that can help determine which is the best facial hair design to complement it.



t During times of disaster, people have long been known to flock to the man with the beard. They are perceived to have the answers and know what to do to survive. Women have an innate desire to be protected, and beards can offer many women the expectation of fulfillment.


Increases attractiveness for small-framed men

t Lacking facial hair can add to the boyishness small-framed men are trying to overcome. Allowing a bit of stubble to grow can create a complete transformation, and add to their attractiveness to women.

t We all want to feel attractive, and many women find the right facial hair irresistible. This may be the time to grow that beard or mustache! Just find the right style and dive in fearlessly. It’s a look that is here to stay, and there’s no reason to let this trend pass you by.

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