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Summer workouts for women on the go

One of the quickest things to fall by the wayside when we travel is keeping up with your fitness routine, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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t Summer’s almost here, and that means lots of sun, lounging and of course, travel. It’s true, one of the quickest things to fall by the wayside when we travel is keeping up with your fitness routine, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So this summer, wherever you find yourself roaming, keep in shape with our summer workouts on the go.

Hotel room: Gym

t Your hotel room (or wherever you may be) is a perfect place to squeeze in a quick and effective workout. While there are pieces of fitness equipment designed specifically for travel, these moves require nothing besides a good attitude. Try these two quick anywhere workouts for a fitness boost when you’re on the go.

t Quick core: jogging in place (2 minutes); 10 pushups; plank (1 minute); rest (1 minute); jumping jacks (1.5 minutes); 10 pushups; high-knees (1.5 minutes); jog in place (1 minute).

t Quick arms: jogging in place (2 minutes); forearm plank (1 minute); 15 pushups; rest (1 minute); shoulder circles (1.5 minutes); 15 pushups; forearm plank (1 minute); jog in place (1 minute).

School the pool

t What better place to escape the summer heat and catch a great workout than the pool? Here’s a quick interval-training-inspired workout that you can do in any pool, anywhere.

t Swim-tervals: Stretch for a few minutes to limber up, focusing on your shoulders and legs. Hop into the pool and swim in place for a few minutes to get your body ready for more vigorous exercise. Once you’re ready to get moving, swim 2 lengths (1 full lap) at full speed. Then, rest for 30 seconds. This work/rest cycle is known as an interval. After your first interval, repeat 5-7 more times. You’ve just finished your first interval training pool workout.


t The good news about being a runner is that you can keep up with your miles no matter where you find yourself. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should start slacking off. In fact, make the most of exploring the new and unknown terrain by dialing up the intensity of your runs with this interval-training-based workout.

t Sprint-ervals: Jog/stretch for a few minutes to warm up. Once you’re feeling loose, find some open space and sprint at full speed for a full 60 seconds. After the minute is up, rest for 30 seconds and catch your breath. This sprint/rest cycle is one interval. Following the same cycle, perform 5-6 more intervals. After you finish, make sure to refuel and rehydrate; you’re going to need it.

t There you have it, three completely different ways to stay in shape during your summer travels. Hopefully this list has shown you that fitness is always an option, no matter where you find yourself. So this summer, travel safe and stay sweaty.

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