How to avoid vacation weight gain

It is possible to have a great trip and still have your pants fit when you come home. Here’s how.

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t Vacations are a great way to unwind from the stress of daily life while experiencing a different part of the world. Trips are often booked with every detail pre-planned from restaurants to beaches to the day’s activity, or lack thereof. For many people, vacations mean healthy eating and fitness are foregone in place of a lack of activity and overindulging. Hey, you’re on vacation after all. The problem with this is you may come back five, 10, even 15 pounds heavier than when you left home. It is possible to have a great trip and still have your pants fit when you come home. Here’s how.

Plan your exercise

t Book a hotel that offers fitness classes or has a gym you can use. Taking 30-60 minutes in the morning can make a huge difference in your day and your waistline. Many hotels offer yoga classes for their guests for a small fee. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or fitness classes, research nearby health clubs. Most hotels partner with local gyms to offer discounted day passes for their guests.

Don’t overindulge

t You’re on vacation, you want those french fries and that chocolate shake. You’ve worked hard all year, you deserve a few treats on vacation, right? There is a fine line between enjoying a treat and overeating. The portion sizes at restaurants are often two to four servings, which means you’re eating two to four times as many calories per meal as you would at home. Those numbers add up very quickly. Add the mixed drinks you enjoy and the snacks you bought for the hotel room, the beach, the drive etc. That’s a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Avoid eating these extra calories by splitting your meal with a friend or family member, packing healthy snacks and being conscious of what you’re eating and drinking. Yes, order a chocolate shake, but don’t have one every single day.

Plan physical activities with your family

t Go for a hike, try surfing or paddle boarding, walk around the town or rent bikes to explore your surroundings. There are a ton of ways to plan a vacation with physical activity, you just have to find one that’s right for you.

t If you do gain weight on vacation, don’t let it ruin your time. Just get back on your regular health regimen when you get home. Have fun, you deserve it.


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