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Making Mother’s Day special for breast cancer fighters

The perfect gift that makes Mom feel comfortable and beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult to find.

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t Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that’s just for mom to feel cherished by the ones she loves most. This is a time many shower their moms with gifts of clothing, lotions, flowers and candy, but what about those moms suffering from a diagnosis, such as breast cancer? Getting mom the perfect gift that also makes her feel comfortable and beautiful doesn’t have to be difficult. This year, use these tips and tricks from the experts at to give her a lovely little something that comes from the heart and makes her feel like the superwoman you know she is.


Give her something she can use outside of Mother’s Day

t It can be expensive to have the right materials on hand when fighting breast cancer; from surgery to recovery, there are many discomforts that need to be taken into account, and finding gifts for mom that help the process are the best to give. Whether it’s a gift card where she can choose what she wants, specific pillows or shower shirts, little gifts can make a world of difference.


Make sure your gift comes from the heart

t All mom really wants is to know that she’s loved, so tell her. A handwritten note or card, a gift that symbolizes a memory or a well-thought out gift will make her feel so special and will go a long way.


Choose your products carefully

t Every leading lady loves getting products to pamper or make her look gorgeous, but for breast cancer fighters, certain products have toxins in them that make them off-limits. Make sure you understand which products are safe to make sure that mom stays safe while she gets her rest; she’ll really appreciate the thought you put into it. Organic or scent-free is usually best; we have a great selection at


Think outside the box

t This year, don’t settle for the typical flowers; give mom something fun and memorable. Certain products can be fashionable and stylish to make mom’s journey more comfortable. Stylish pill boxes, head scarves and even clothing that is easy to take on and off will provide mom with a stylish selection of products she can use to feel comfortable.


Show her support and love

t Especially if mom is a newly diagnosed breast cancer fighter, it can be a difficult time for her. Show her you love her, be supportive and provide a support system for her. She’ll feel extremely loved by your little actions. Our Guardian Divas have a lot of other amazing tips and tricks, which can be found online at

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