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4 Herbs to combat blooming allergies

Don’t let drippy eyes and sneezing get in the way of enjoying the pleasures of spring.

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t Blooming flowers are bursting through the moist dirt with vibrant colors. The sun is bathing the earth with its glow as the bees are spreading the pollen. Suddenly the gorgeous atmosphere turns into terror, as and your eyes and nose begin to explode with excess mucus and your sneezing is less than glamorous as you gasp for air. Help! How can so much beauty cause so much pain for allergy sufferers? But don’t despair; there are natural solutions to allow even the worst allergy sufferers to be able to enjoy the excitement that comes with spring.

t Over-the-counter and prescription medications work well for some, while others find the side effects of grogginess and dryness worse than the watery eyes, itchy throat and sneezing. Herbs are a great option. Herbs not only relieve symptoms but they can actually build your immune system in the process. The positive side of taking herbs is that most people feel clearing in their nose, eyes and sinuses within 20 minutes. The downside is that you need to take herbs more often than conventional medications.

t Most herbs, in order to be effective, need to be taken in liquid (tincture) form; however, some herbs when they are freeze-dried can be taken in a capsule.

tHere are my four favorite herbs:


Reishi mushrooms

t Reishi mushrooms can be taken in capsule form if they are freeze-dried. Reishi are super-powerful medicinal mushrooms that both stimulate the immune response and reduce the histamine production in the body. Taking these twice daily can really relieve symptoms.


Freeze-dried nettle

t Freeze-dried nettle can be taken in capsule form if they are freeze-dried. Nettles are a green plant filled with chlorophyll that has been shown in clinical studies to be as effective as today’s allergy medicines. Nettles are fabulous at relieving symptoms, but the downside is that their effectiveness can wear off in four hours, so they need to be taken more often than conventional medicines.



t Eyebright is an herb that is best taken in tincture form.The natural tannins in the herb help reduce the mucus discharge during allergies, because as an astringent, tannins help to tighten the mucous membranes. The flavonoids in eyebright also help in reducing inflammation.


Elder flower

t Elder flower is an herb that is best taken in tincture form. One of the benefits of elder is its astringent quality, which tightens, tones and stops excess secretions in body tissue. The relaxant qualities of the flower are helpful to relieve bronchial spasms and nasal discharge.

t These herbs can be taken separately or all together at the same time. Can there really be a better way to enjoy the spring than through the benefits offered by nature itself? So try these herbs and enjoy the spring.

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